State Fair Food and Fun

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If you haven’t been to a state fair lately, we have to say you have been missing out.  Fortunately for you, we did just that.  We visited the local state fair and decided to bring back to you a report (and proof) of what we found.

The type of outrageous food one can find there will really leave you wondering what can’t be deep fried.  It is definitely the culinary experience.  Deep fried pickles, deep fried macaroni and cheese, deep fried watermelon, deep fried gummy bears… that’s right gummy bears.  This are just some of the things that find in a stone’s throw at your local state fair.  If you get tired of the deep fried goodies then you can experience a pancake burger or just good old fashion turkey leg.

Once you’re done with the main course you’ll have to leave some room for the roast beef sundae.  Now before you worry about what flavor of ice cream you want and if the hot fudge will go better than the caramel take a read through the what a roast beef sundae actually is.

Any other outrageous state fair food you’ve experienced?  Let us know