chaQula Roundup 5


More beautiful photos from our beautiful users. From top to bottom:
Cookie-dough Oreo Brownie by Davie,
Pig! It’s what’s for dinner #blogwell by Hope,
Peanut Butter Eclair by Jaime,
Mango con chile margarita by Michelle,
Currant Cream donut by Lisa,
Taste of Randolph: Lamb by Brian Marshall,
Grilled shrimp, rice with mushroom and scallop on a pomegranate rain. by Rita,
Progression of a Caterpillar Annihilation by rehan

chaQula Roundup 4

Following in line with our other roundups.  Here are some highlights from our great and artitistic users.  From top to bottom:
Tres tacos de carne, al pastor y pollo by Carlos, Caramel Apple Ice Cream by Jaime, Currant Cream donut by Lisa, BBQ’n by Hope, Lemon mint by Petra, Bolo de carne da sogra by Renato, #41 at Franks Karma Cafe by Michelle, Cajun chicken Alfredo pasta! by Crystal, Lake house cookout by Brian Marshall

The Colorful Life of Cotton Candy

cotton candy cupcakes

Cotton Candy
Tommy Gamboa

Cotton Candy
Luis Tencio


Cotton Candy Love
Krista Palmu

Shveckle Havemeyer


Cotton candy is a simple food.  It’s sold mostly at your local carnival and is full of sugar.  Kids cry for it and we love it.  Cotton candy has wonderful color and always brings a smile to the people that hold it.  We would like to highlight some beautiful shots of the colorful life of cotton candy from some wonderful photographers.

chaQula Weekly Roundup 3

Date Night w/my Boo

Cherry bowl

Tortilla soup at New Rebozo in Oak Park. Excellent presentation and super delicious.

Birthday cake.

Nutella and Banana French Toast

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks to Magaly

We have the best users on chaQula.  There are so many great shots that are shared it’s hard to pick the few here.  From top to bottom:
Date Night w/my Boo by rehan, Cherry bowl by Devilaeh, Tortilla soup at New Rebozo in Oak Park by Carlos, Birthday cake by Einas, Nutella and Banana French Toast by davie and Happy Birthday to me! Thanks to Magaly by Carlos

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Ode to Oreo

Paul Ark

Floating Dunk
James Darden

Bath time!
FLae Simo

Craig Smith

Splash Milk Time!

Oreo Squirrel
Alex Williamson

We love Oreos.  Who doesn’t?  Oreos and milk, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese they’re matches made in heaven.  But have you ever stopped and actually taken minute to look at an Oreo? Well we suggest you do.  We’ve rounded up some of the most scrumptious looking Oreos… with or without milk.  They’re black and white and beautiful.