10 Things We Love to Eat & Drink in Italy

10 Things We Love to Eat and Drink in Italy

Actually this perfect short film is entitled 10 things We Love About Italy and it hits the mark.  The Perennial Plate takes us on a journey through the Italy as they explore what they say is their most favorite things.  It’s hard not to agree.  Pasta, pizza, espresso and olive oil are to name a few.  Our favorite?  Has to be the gelato.  Pick your own favorite and we dare you not to be hungry!  (via Vimeo)

Sugar Glass by Fernando Laposse

Fernando Laposse has his product design degree from the University of the Arts from London.  He has managed to design a tasty and clever product.  Using melted sugar, some molding and some magic, Fernando creates a wonderful set of sugar glasses that has a life expectancy of approximately one drink.  It’s a wonderfully creative idea and something that would be sure to be a hit for the young and old.

Coffee Art

There are many things people will hang on their walls.  Much can be considered art and other things not so much.  Considering our love of food then naturally coffee art is no exception.  Since making the coffee is a practiced art form it only makes sense that the photos of these beautiful cups of coffee would also be considered art, coffee art.

To those who throw their nose up at our coffee art then I challenge them to get through our list of photos below and not run as fast as possible to order their espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, cafe con leche, latte macchiatos or whatever it is they have the taste for.  So we go in search of our favorite coffee art and to start off we begin right at home with our wonderful chaQula users to itch our scratch… or is it to scratch our itch?  In any case, you can thank us later.  Enjoy…

Espresso Gourmet at Anauê

Coffee at The Blue Bottle in San Francisco

Latte at Intelly

coffee art latte macchiato

Coffee latte at intelligentsia