How to Make a Perfect Cookie

the perfect cookie

Over at Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary they are trying to answer the old question of how to make a perfect cookie in the “Cookie Experiment“. Not only a beautiful cookie but also one that is delicious and since we love delicious here we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about it!  With all of the variations of flour, white sugar vs brown sugar and even how long to refrigerate Nicky relies on the help of her office friends to do the tough job of taste testing for the perfect cookie.

So, interested in the results? It seems that refrigerating the cookie after preparation and before baking really gives all the flavors a chance to develop. Actually the winning cookie didn’t only need 2 hours of refrigeration as the instructions stated but actually sat overnight.

Want more results for the perfect cookie? Head over and read the full article.

Ode to Oreo

Paul Ark

Floating Dunk
James Darden

Bath time!
FLae Simo

Craig Smith

Splash Milk Time!

Oreo Squirrel
Alex Williamson

We love Oreos.  Who doesn’t?  Oreos and milk, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese they’re matches made in heaven.  But have you ever stopped and actually taken minute to look at an Oreo? Well we suggest you do.  We’ve rounded up some of the most scrumptious looking Oreos… with or without milk.  They’re black and white and beautiful.

Fortune Cookies with Attitude

iLL Fortune 1

(WARNING: Turn the volume down… they are using grown up words!)

The iLL Fortune Company are taking a very old and known traditional art of fortune cookie fortune telling and making it more… interesting.  These guys are out of California and provide a great and clever way of getting a fortune.  It also makes for a nice prank for those pranksters out there.  Take a look at their website or Facebook page and get your prank on.