Beautiful Cutting Boards

beautiful cutting boards 2

beautiful cutting boards 1

You can always find beauty in every part of the kitchen.  Here you can find it with the cutting board.  OnOurTable is a group out of Canada and find themselves creating a wonderful set of cutting boards that would be a great addition to any kitchen.  They are available to buy direct if you’re interested.  Take a look for some more information or just read through their blog and Facebook page for some more great ideas.

Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning

cast iron cleaning 1

Here’s a useful tip on how to properly clean your cast iron pan, or is it a cast iron skillet, perhaps it depends on where you are from.  Some people run for the soap and scrubber, but here FOOD52 describes a better way that may surprise you.  The key is you don’t want to lose all that seasoning and some of the advantages of using cast iron.  (via FOOD52)