Songs About Food – Peaches!

There are few things in life that bring more joy than food and music. These are two pleasures that most people simply can’t live without, and who would want to try? The only thing better than your favorite foods are catchy songs that are written about the foods that you crave most. When you are in the mood to be captivated by a song, why not choose one that leave you craving a sweet treat or delectable dessert? Who knew that so many songs were written about your favorite foods?

Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America

peaches presidents

This is a classic song that mixes humor with the fondness of peaches. You might think that apple pie signifies country living, but The Presidents of the United States of America penned a song that brought peaches to the forefront forever. Moving to the country and eating a lot of peaches never sounded like a better idea. You can say what you want about this tune, but they don’t discriminate against peaches and are willing to eat them in any way possible from a can to on the farm.  (spotify link)

While we’re on the subject of peaches, here are some lovely chaQula pictures from our wonderful users which show how much we love peaches.

peach photo 1
Peach from Jaime

peach tea Peach Tea from Yazil

peach apricot crumble Peach apricot crumble night from Carlos

More to come!