chaQula Roundup 4

Following in line with our other roundups.  Here are some highlights from our great and artitistic users.  From top to bottom:
Tres tacos de carne, al pastor y pollo by Carlos, Caramel Apple Ice Cream by Jaime, Currant Cream donut by Lisa, BBQ’n by Hope, Lemon mint by Petra, Bolo de carne da sogra by Renato, #41 at Franks Karma Cafe by Michelle, Cajun chicken Alfredo pasta! by Crystal, Lake house cookout by Brian Marshall

Hamburger Fischmarkt in Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, Germany one can find many different types of food festivals. This time of year, the folks in northern Germany come a little south and host the Hamburger Fischmarkt right in Stuttgart. For over 20 years they bring with them the finest fish from pike to shrimp to herring and even some sailor’s stew. With the weather nice outside and a Saturday you can find much of the city downtown to experience this fun and lively festival.

The Colorful Life of Cotton Candy

cotton candy cupcakes

Cotton Candy
Tommy Gamboa

Cotton Candy
Luis Tencio


Cotton Candy Love
Krista Palmu

Shveckle Havemeyer


Cotton candy is a simple food.  It’s sold mostly at your local carnival and is full of sugar.  Kids cry for it and we love it.  Cotton candy has wonderful color and always brings a smile to the people that hold it.  We would like to highlight some beautiful shots of the colorful life of cotton candy from some wonderful photographers.

Food as Fashion by Fulvio Bonavia

Maybe Fulvio Bonavia’s mother never told him that he shouldn’t play with his food… but to be honest we’re glad about that. Fulvio Bonavia is a well known and award winning Italian photographer. In 2008, he created this classy gallery to show off his food as fashion creativity. We selected some of our favorites above but be sure to check out his whole gallery on his website.

Fruit Typography by Garret Steider

Garret Steider has created a fun and what seems to be a real time-consuming project he calls Typefruitography. Garret has managed to produce ever letter of the alphabet using fruits or almost all fruits (but close enough). He painstakingly carved out both upper and lower case letters and we love it.  We picked out our favorite letters and do apologize for duplicating the A’s… but you can’t spell chaQula without two apples! (via bumbumbum)

If you like fruit typography make sure to check out our Food Typography Pancake Font story 🙂