Green Tea Galore

green tea 1

green tea 2
Iced Green Tea with Mint & Ginger via thekitchn (w/ recipe)

green tea 3
Homemade Green Tea Pocky via Thirsty for Tea (w/ recipe)

green tea 4
Green Tea Soba Noodles via snailsview (w/ recipe)

Did you know all of the benefits you get from drinking (and eating) green tea?  Neither did we, so we did some research.  In chaQula fashion we first went in search of some inspiration.  We looked for some prime examples of how you can bring your green tea fix into your dinner tonight.

In addition to the delicious ingredient, the list of benefits of green tea is a long one.  We found that green tea is good for your skin, good for your blood flow, lowers cholesterol and it even helps your brain activity helping your memory (source WebMD).  Pretty remarkable what this wonder drink does.