Eating is a Feast for the Eyes As Well As the Stomach 

There is something about a beautiful menu that just sets that pace for the meal. It is the expectation that sets the pace. When you are presented with a menu design that is well laid out and is a pleasure to explore it just makes the dining experience that much more heightened.


Beautiful menus do not need to be elaborate menus. Menu inspiration can come from a host of sources. In many cases it is the most unexpected source of menu inspiration that works out the best!

Menu Inspiration 

Guinness Storehouse Beautiful Menu

Menu design requires some thought. A simple listing of the foods is not sufficient enough to get people excited about the menu. Beautiful menus make you excited to eat. They are about the food but they offer a peek at what the restaurant represents.

Inspiration for a great design can come from the surroundings, nature, a particular food group that is celebrated in the restaurant or even individuals. In other words there is no one particular menu design that stands out from the rest.

The key factor to beautiful menus is expressing the inspiration through artful displays and the use of descriptive words. Of course placement and the layout also plays a huge role in how well a menu is received but overall it does not have to be complicated to be beautiful.


menu design lets eat

Menu expression is one of the most important things of preparing someone for a meal. It is the key factor in setting the anticipation for the great food to come. We are visual creatures that can easily be excited by something that catches our eye!

The right menu design is enough to get us excited about what is to come. It can compliment the entire dining experience and get people interested in trying new foods that they normally would ignore. There is menu design that does such a great job of expressing the details of the food that only a few words are needed to convey the idea.

Expression of the inspiration in beautiful menus can be as simple as chalk lines on a blackboard in a lovely cafe or as complex as a tri-fold menu containing the most exotic meals served in a five star environment. Beautiful menu’s convey the expression of the inspiration for the menu completely!

Menu design is the first step in creating a successful dining event.