Food Inspired Wallpaper for your iPhone (or Android!)





Who doesn’t love to keep your phone looking fresh with a new wallpaper? Especially for you foodies out there we have collected some really great looking food inspired wallpapers for your phones. Some cotton candy wallpapers, marshmallow wallpapers and of course we need to have cheerios wallpaper! Be care though, staring at these all day could make you more hungry 🙂

How to Make a Perfect Cookie

the perfect cookie

Over at Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary they are trying to answer the old question of how to make a perfect cookie in the “Cookie Experiment“. Not only a beautiful cookie but also one that is delicious and since we love delicious here we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about it!  With all of the variations of flour, white sugar vs brown sugar and even how long to refrigerate Nicky relies on the help of her office friends to do the tough job of taste testing for the perfect cookie.

So, interested in the results? It seems that refrigerating the cookie after preparation and before baking really gives all the flavors a chance to develop. Actually the winning cookie didn’t only need 2 hours of refrigeration as the instructions stated but actually sat overnight.

Want more results for the perfect cookie? Head over and read the full article.

La Boqueria – Barcelona

If you happen to be in Barcelona, La Boqueria is a must stop. This is a great place full of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and more. It is located about two thirds of the way up the Ramblas, on the left. You will find foods of all varieties and nationalities under one roof.

Tip: It is worth aiming to get there in the morning – preferably before 15:00, as this is when the market is really in full swing.

See more pictures at

An Apple a Day

We all know the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  This is a exciting and visually fun way to keep track of just that.  A German based advertising company Serviceplan created this unique advertising for a health insurance company AOK.  Such a fun idea that we could see in a family setting or even in your office.  (via

The Tasty Elevator

Somewhere in a elevator building in London people have the strange experience to taste the wall.  Over 1,000 lickable McVities Jaffa Cakes were put up in this elevator.  After four weeks of development it was ready for people… to try.  The question you have to ask… is if you would partake in this fun… hmmm.  Regardless, we think it’s a fun and beautiful idea.  Check out McVities Jaffa Cakes Facebook Page for more fun.  (via Huffington Post)