Food Inspired Wallpaper for your iPhone (or Android!)





Who doesn’t love to keep your phone looking fresh with a new wallpaper? Especially for you foodies out there we have collected some really great looking food inspired wallpapers for your phones. Some cotton candy wallpapers, marshmallow wallpapers and of course we need to have cheerios wallpaper! Be care though, staring at these all day could make you more hungry 🙂

Quit Skipping on the Salads

salad 1
Southwestern Chopped Salad via damndelicious (w/ recipe)

salad 2
Vietnamese Inspired Chicken and Cabbage Salad via The Urban Poser (w/ recipe)

salad 4
Rainbow Chicken Salad with Almond Honey Mustard via pinchofyum (w/ recipe)

salad 3

We all know we need more salad in our life’s but it’s usually the first thing we skip on the buffet line.  So we would like to take some time out of our busy lifes and focus a bit on the beauty one can find in a well prepared salad.  We would argue that if more salads looked like these then it would be more of an indulgence and less of a chore eating them.

salad 5

Green Tea Galore

green tea 1

green tea 2
Iced Green Tea with Mint & Ginger via thekitchn (w/ recipe)

green tea 3
Homemade Green Tea Pocky via Thirsty for Tea (w/ recipe)

green tea 4
Green Tea Soba Noodles via snailsview (w/ recipe)

Did you know all of the benefits you get from drinking (and eating) green tea?  Neither did we, so we did some research.  In chaQula fashion we first went in search of some inspiration.  We looked for some prime examples of how you can bring your green tea fix into your dinner tonight.

In addition to the delicious ingredient, the list of benefits of green tea is a long one.  We found that green tea is good for your skin, good for your blood flow, lowers cholesterol and it even helps your brain activity helping your memory (source WebMD).  Pretty remarkable what this wonder drink does.

State Fair Food and Fun

DSC_5465 DSC_5464 DSC_5462 DSC_5461

If you haven’t been to a state fair lately, we have to say you have been missing out.  Fortunately for you, we did just that.  We visited the local state fair and decided to bring back to you a report (and proof) of what we found.

The type of outrageous food one can find there will really leave you wondering what can’t be deep fried.  It is definitely the culinary experience.  Deep fried pickles, deep fried macaroni and cheese, deep fried watermelon, deep fried gummy bears… that’s right gummy bears.  This are just some of the things that find in a stone’s throw at your local state fair.  If you get tired of the deep fried goodies then you can experience a pancake burger or just good old fashion turkey leg.

Once you’re done with the main course you’ll have to leave some room for the roast beef sundae.  Now before you worry about what flavor of ice cream you want and if the hot fudge will go better than the caramel take a read through the what a roast beef sundae actually is.

Any other outrageous state fair food you’ve experienced?  Let us know

Nutella Recipes and Inspiration

Chocolate Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella Banana Tarte Tatin via Half Baked Harvest

Nutella Ice Cream in Brioche via The Sugar Hit

Best-Ever Chocolate Nutella Layer Cake via Bake with Christinia

Is Nutella Healthy?

Asked no one ever!  Just take a look at these wonderful nutella recipes we’ve organized for you.  Nutella is an italian hazelnut chocolate spread which is manufactured by a company called Ferrero.  If you haven’t had nutella yet please run and find it at your local grocer, you can thank us later.  By the way, if Ferrero sounds familiar to you it should.  They are also responsible for the awesome little Ferrero Rocher goodness.

via Flickr

Chef Spotlight: Haute Chefs

haute chef 1
From #glutenfree and #catering in Malibu via hautechefsla

haute chef 2
The Crew

haute chef 3
Our #artisan #breakfast #HuevosRancheros for peter thiel

haute chef 4
Fresh from our own #garden

In this chef spotlight, we pay a visit to the Haute Chefs of LA.  According to their website the Haute Chefs describe themselves as the following

Haute Chefs is a world class facilitator and manager of bold, modern and exquisite culinary arts. We are nimble, acquiescent and highly adept at executing your culinary wishes. Haute Chefs has worked with Hollywood royalty in both the private chef and event catering arenas. With pleasure we are pliable to constantly changing schedules, exacting requests and creating a breathtaking culinary affair.

They caught our eye due their spectacular display of their food.  While we haven’t had the chance to enjoy the food from Haute Chefs, their dishes are quite inspiring and delicious.

Awesome Food Tattoos

food tattoos 2
via the marked girl

food tattoos
tea tattoo via edibletattoos

food tattoos 1
via the marked girl

food tattoos 3
via The Tattoo Artist Cookbook

food tattoos 4
via stay calm and call batman

Tattoos and food go together like, umm, well, tattoos and food we guess.  In any case, we were inspired by some of these beautiful art pieces forever engraved into someones body.  Each one tells a story and would be great to find out more about whats behind each one of these.  It’s art and food and we love the statement they make.