Chef Spotlight: Haute Chefs

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In this chef spotlight, we pay a visit to the Haute Chefs of LA.  According to their website the Haute Chefs describe themselves as the following

Haute Chefs is a world class facilitator and manager of bold, modern and exquisite culinary arts. We are nimble, acquiescent and highly adept at executing your culinary wishes. Haute Chefs has worked with Hollywood royalty in both the private chef and event catering arenas. With pleasure we are pliable to constantly changing schedules, exacting requests and creating a breathtaking culinary affair.

They caught our eye due their spectacular display of their food.  While we haven’t had the chance to enjoy the food from Haute Chefs, their dishes are quite inspiring and delicious.

Awesome Food Tattoos

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Tattoos and food go together like, umm, well, tattoos and food we guess.  In any case, we were inspired by some of these beautiful art pieces forever engraved into someones body.  Each one tells a story and would be great to find out more about whats behind each one of these.  It’s art and food and we love the statement they make.

La Boqueria – Barcelona

If you happen to be in Barcelona, La Boqueria is a must stop. This is a great place full of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and more. It is located about two thirds of the way up the Ramblas, on the left. You will find foods of all varieties and nationalities under one roof.

Tip: It is worth aiming to get there in the morning – preferably before 15:00, as this is when the market is really in full swing.

See more pictures at

Food as Fashion by Fulvio Bonavia

Maybe Fulvio Bonavia’s mother never told him that he shouldn’t play with his food… but to be honest we’re glad about that. Fulvio Bonavia is a well known and award winning Italian photographer. In 2008, he created this classy gallery to show off his food as fashion creativity. We selected some of our favorites above but be sure to check out his whole gallery on his website.

Tutti Frutti by Cristina Otero





Cristina Otero is a Spanish born art lover whose birthday is on November of 1995, which makes her about 16 years old.  In those 16 years she’s managed to create powerful imagery, in her gallery entitle Tutti Frutti.  There are a range of different types of shots but we enjoyed the way she incorporated all the wonderful colors.  Make sure to check out her full gallery on her Facebook page.