La Boqueria – Barcelona

If you happen to be in Barcelona, La Boqueria is a must stop. This is a great place full of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and more. It is located about two thirds of the way up the Ramblas, on the left. You will find foods of all varieties and nationalities under one roof.

Tip: It is worth aiming to get there in the morning – preferably before 15:00, as this is when the market is really in full swing.

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Beautiful Menu Design – Italian Edition

Continuing to focus on our favorite beautiful menu design we have a new series after a wonderful but short trip to Italy.  Cinque Terre to be a little more precise.  In each of the 5 towns we captured some of the most beautiful menu designs.

Each one contains a bit of its own character.  Mostly hand-written and done completely out of photoshop, we think these are the winners.

Have your own beautiful menu designs?  Drop us a line and let us know.  We’ll feature them here!

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The Guinness Storehouse

If you ever find yourself wondering around Dublin with nothing to do… we highly recommend to pay a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. The store is 7 floors full of history and lots of opportunities to catch a beautiful shot.

The location where the Guinness Storehouse is currently sitting has been around for a long time.  Back in 1759, known as the St. Jame’s Gate Brewery, Arthur Guinness is said to have signed a 9,000 year lease.  Since then, it has been the home of Guinness.

As a visitor in the Guinness Storehouse there is plenty of things to keep you busy.  The ground floor wraps you in the process of beer making with the main 4 ingredients.  Although the actual fermentation hasn’t been conducted there since 1988, the use of big screens and a guided tour makes you feel you’re part of the process.  Before you finally reach the top where in the Gravity bar you will find yourself immersed with the views of Ireland, there will be plenty of pitstops to make.

Whether you’re alone or with your family, the Guinness Storehouse is a great place to spend a couple of hours.  Make sure to save some time to thoroughly enjoy your freshly poured pint of Guinness.

Beautiful Menu Design

menu design lets eat
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menu design Shovel & Bell
via Shovel & Bell

menu design miss design
via Miss Design

menu design zitos
via Art of the Menu

You can find beauty in everything… especially in menu design. It’s definitely a special artform and we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites. We’ve scoured the interwebs to bring a bit of beauty to your lifes. Some menus of full of color, some are as simple as one can get, some are full of items and some only 4. There’s an undeniable art to it. In fact it’s a science. In fact you can find many articles written about it. How a properly laid out menu, can push us to purchase the overpriced steak.

There’s no question, menu design is a big part of our eating experience. A beautifully designed menu can always make our dining experience that much better.

Interested in menu design? Know of any other good examples? Send us yours and we could highlight it here!

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chaQula Roundup 5


More beautiful photos from our beautiful users. From top to bottom:
Cookie-dough Oreo Brownie by Davie,
Pig! It’s what’s for dinner #blogwell by Hope,
Peanut Butter Eclair by Jaime,
Mango con chile margarita by Michelle,
Currant Cream donut by Lisa,
Taste of Randolph: Lamb by Brian Marshall,
Grilled shrimp, rice with mushroom and scallop on a pomegranate rain. by Rita,
Progression of a Caterpillar Annihilation by rehan