Fruit Typography by Garret Steider

Garret Steider has created a fun and what seems to be a real time-consuming project he calls Typefruitography. Garret has managed to produce ever letter of the alphabet using fruits or almost all fruits (but close enough). He painstakingly carved out both upper and lower case letters and we love it.  We picked out our favorite letters and do apologize for duplicating the A’s… but you can’t spell chaQula without two apples! (via bumbumbum)

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The Food Carts in Portland

Lyf Gildersleeve - The Flying Fish Co.

Courtney Card - Creme de la Creme

Julie & Jay Hasson - Native Bowl

Bradley Jones - Crust & Common Pie Shop

Behind the Food Carts is a enjoyable blog which focuses solely around… you guessed it, food carts.  But not just any food carts, only those based in Portland.  Kim and Phil are portrait and wedding photographers and have decided to go and chronicle the food carts they come across in Portland.  We found these little places to have so much character.  From the unique food they bring all the way down to the beautiful typography they use.  Be sure to check them out.