The Tasty Elevator

Somewhere in a elevator building in London people have the strange experience to taste the wall.  Over 1,000 lickable McVities Jaffa Cakes were put up in this elevator.  After four weeks of development it was ready for people… to try.  The question you have to ask… is if you would partake in this fun… hmmm.  Regardless, we think it’s a fun and beautiful idea.  Check out McVities Jaffa Cakes Facebook Page for more fun.  (via Huffington Post)

Bubble Gum Art

bubble gum art 1

bubble gum art 2

bubble gum art 3

bubble gum art 4

We found this Bubble Gum Art to be lots of fun.  There are lots of things you think about when you go through these shots.  First, it’ll make think twice to think where you throw that flavorless gum you been keeping in your mouth desperately in search of the nearest trashcan.  Simon Decker lives and works in Germany and has a number of other works you can check out, but be sure to check out what he calls Chewing in Venice.  (via imprecise)

Fortune Cookies with Attitude

iLL Fortune 1

(WARNING: Turn the volume down… they are using grown up words!)

The iLL Fortune Company are taking a very old and known traditional art of fortune cookie fortune telling and making it more… interesting.  These guys are out of California and provide a great and clever way of getting a fortune.  It also makes for a nice prank for those pranksters out there.  Take a look at their website or Facebook page and get your prank on.

New York Ice Cream

tasty icecream 4

phin phebes 2

phin phebes 1

We like to see a well made and well designed product.  Especially when it’s around ice cream.  This group of Phin & Phebes started out some years ago to create a unique product. They not only take their ice cream seriously but also the beautiful packaging the ice cream comes in.

If you’re lucky and near Brooklyn you might be able to some free tastes. (via nerdfluffery and Phin & Phebes)