Egg Art by Vanessa Dualib

Survival Instinct...

It's not such a bad death...

Eggbert - Intro

An Eggbert love affair...

His 'brightest' idea!

Eggbert is in Trouble...

Vanessa Dualib is a female artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has quite the knack in creating some egg-citing scenes.  We stumbled across her collection and have really enjoyed her creativity.  She has many galleries that she considers her personal projects but the project Eggventures of Eggbert is our favorite.  Make sure to check out on her website, flickr gallery or on her facebook page.

Paper Food

Fideli Sundqvist at 22 years old is a unique artist and designer from Stockholm Sweden. These set of photos have really captured our attention. Fideli has created a realistic and artful scene with everything being made from paper. These creations were featured at an opening of a local restaraunt but is a beautiful addition to her already interesting collection. See more from Fideli on her blog.

Bubble Gum Art

bubble gum art 1

bubble gum art 2

bubble gum art 3

bubble gum art 4

We found this Bubble Gum Art to be lots of fun.  There are lots of things you think about when you go through these shots.  First, it’ll make think twice to think where you throw that flavorless gum you been keeping in your mouth desperately in search of the nearest trashcan.  Simon Decker lives and works in Germany and has a number of other works you can check out, but be sure to check out what he calls Chewing in Venice.  (via imprecise)